Why do you write?

“Why do you write?”


“What do you write?”


Common questions all authors face.

I write fiction.
I write adventure – I write of how humans deal with life and death situations.
I write of passion, even love,  but never ever will I write of  ever after, (that is a myth). 
I write stories
I write of personal challenges, things I have faced.
I write of the past, the now, and what I think I know about.
I write of family, of love and loss, of failure and successes. 
I write of my small family, of our bonding, of the crazy nutty interactions we have and celebrate the love we share.
I blog.
I write pedestrian poetry – totally inane verses

I write …

Because some nutty part of me wants to jumble the alphabets and come out with words that tell a tale


I write because there are people inside me

They want to live, they want to breathe, cry, love, fuck, fight and win

If I don’t let them, they’ll drive me nuts.


Why do I write?


To entertain, of course!


It delights me when someone – even a single someone emails me or calls me …


And says he or she loved my book or a character in my book


My crazy heart goes Whoopie-do-a-do!


I have made a connect!


Yes, I do something nice.  I write stories


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29 thoughts on “Why do you write?

  1. Wow…Certainly, you’re a prolific author, Ritu. The way you’ve depicted the emotions/ confusions of today’s teenagers in ‘ A bowl of butterflies’ is actually astounding! I am waiting to have my copy signed by you. After all, book signing provides more than a just a chance to obtain a signature. Smiles.
    I sure hope to meet you soon…:)

    • That book is really close to my heart, it is my first! I am glad you liked it 🙂 We had it easy, today’s world is so complex and the teenagers have to face so much!

      Oh yes, we will meet … Definitely

  2. That was fun to know why you write. There are characters living in u. You want to breathe life in to them so u write . Felt good reading this. I like ur blog . I want to read ur books SOON RITU !!
    I am glad we met thru IB 🙂

  3. the jumble of alphabets that turn into words and into a tale – that created an interesting image in my mind – quite entertaining. Loved that.

  4. I sometimes wonder, what would we do, if we didn’t write. Wouldn’t it be suffocating. We have found our expression in words and our words shape us. They are a vent out for our emotions. They act as our crutch.

    I need to pick up your book…very soon will do it:)

    • Err, Gayatri, there are three books, A Bowlful of Butterflies, HILAWI, and Chakra, Chronicles of the Witch Way. (Shameless book promotion and I never miss a chance to do that 😛 )

      I write therefore I exist and keep my sanity intact. Yes we are lucky that we found our outlet

    • Yes, and even in my darkest period, I kept writing. Of course I burnt it all later (it was bitchy and bitter) but I wrote through it

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