Not Every One is Tim Allen

See what a steady diet of Tim Allen does to us!

Kid#2 is a Mechanical Engineer now. Well the first thing he did was get himself a tool kit

I kid you not, he got it and did a dance! It is the same dance I do when I lose some millimeters from my derriere or the DIL does when she is trying out a new dress!

And a Williams hammer

Apparently in the land of tools, Williams is God. It must be for the price a simple hammer from that company is sold. We used to make do with a simple iron head attached to a wooden handle.

And now he is eyeing a damp patch on the wall. He is asking how much it costs to get wood planks, he is eyeing more tools like a power hammer and a planer

And I am being supportive, though I do have moments when I have qualms about the roof falling on our heads. Tim Allen did all that and he survived. So did the house.

I hope we have a budding home improvement guy at home.

I do!

Wait! Was it Tim or was it Al who did things right?

Tim Allen is cute …

Any way Che Sera Sera


8 thoughts on “Not Every One is Tim Allen

  1. I read it as :
    I enjoy watching Tim Allen’s Home Improvement. It is fun to watch on TV. It is scary to have it played on MY home

    And all those tools make me envious, not that I will make any good use of them.. But envious

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